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The world of sensitive skin is easily irritated.

in the elapsed time Groups of people with sensitive skin that are easily irritated gradually. keep expanding We will notice that there are articles or videos online. More and more talk about sensitive skin. And many people are facing the problem of sensitive skin. But very few people know the essence of sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

Sensitive skin, easily irritated Sometimes it’s hard to see Sensitive skin problems that are easily irritated, difficult to make a diagnosis Even the experts themselves because sometimes These problems are often caused by “feelings”, not by what they show. in the minds of girls Sensitive skin, easily irritated. It is like a nightmare. Tension, burning, redness can occur when faced with various environmental conditions or even by eating. or choosing a skin care But in the opinion of a dermatologist Sensitive skin, easily irritated May manifest in the form of slightly red skin. or have dryness

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Have sensitive skin, easily irritated…which type? Sensitive skin symptoms that are easily irritated can come in many forms, so knowing the type of problem we are facing. will help us choose the product Or how best to adjust to combat them? Experts often use short, simple questions to determine how sensitive your skin is.

Sensitive skin is prone to irritation – symptoms occur from time to time as the environment changes.

Red skin – Red skin when eating certain foods. drink alcoholic beverages or when the weather changes

Sensitive skin – often irritated when in contact with the product or some kind of weather

Allergic rash – Severe irritation, such as an itchy rash. or severely allergic

Sensitive Skin – Skin responds to something in particular.

What triggers sensitive, easily irritated skin? A study by La Roche-Say of more than 6000 people in eight countries found that stimuli were divided into three main categories:

environment, climate change, such as exposure to sunlight and pollution.

Selection of products for the skin in some products Contains substances that may cause allergic reactions, such as perfumes or colours.

internal factors such as stress or lifestyle, such as smoking or eating It affects as well.

So what makes us have sensitive skin? The root cause of the problem is actually a weak skin barrier system. Healthy skin has a protective barrier called Hydrolipid that acts like a shield against bacteria. or substances that cause allergic reactions into the skin In this skin defense, it also helps to retain moisture in the skin. As well as helping the skin to be flexible as well, when the skin barrier is more vulnerable. because when the skin is delicate and still have to face various environments It will irritate the skin. and signal out with symptoms such as redness, itching, etc.

So what can help alleviate these problems? Reducing irritation is real. and can occur in a number of ways such as

  1. Avoid various risk factors. Keep an eye out for what is causing your allergic reaction. or irritable and try not to use it.
  2. Do not hurt the skin’s protective barrier. using cleaning products Wipe off makeup that is too “strong” that hurts the skin, such as soap.
  3. Keep the skin moisturized. by choosing a product or Moisturizer For sensitive skin, use one for washing.

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