Why Buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery?

While De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” marketing campaign was launched in 1948, the popularity of lab grown diamonds has lagged since. In spite of this, most engagement rings feature a diamond as their centre stone. However, precious diamonds are extremely expensive, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000. That’s why many people prefer lab grown diamond rings. Although the price difference is quite substantial, lab grown diamonds are much cheaper than the real thing.

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As opposed to natural diamonds, lab-grown stones are inexpensive and are not subject to natural stone’s characteristics, meaning their value doesn’t increase with time. New stones have a much higher cost because they include manufacturing and setting costs, plus a brand’s added margin. Because this process is more expensive, lab-grown diamond jewellery tends to have lower resale value. Therefore, it is important to purchase jewellery that is accompanied by the appropriate certificates.

The most notable difference between man-made and natural diamonds is in the colour. Natural diamonds are colourless and rarely contain inclusions. Synthetic stones, on the other hand, can vary in hue. They are generally yellow or yellowish brown in colour, but they can also be pink, red, or orange. While natural diamonds are naturally formed, lab-grown diamonds are man-made. The GIA grades all precious gemstones, including lab-grown diamonds.

Because they are produced in a laboratory, lab-grown diamonds have a higher retail value than natural diamonds. In addition to their affordability, these stones are better for the environment. Moreover, the process is more efficient, which means that they can be sold for cheaper prices. Hence, they’re a smart choice for those who want to purchase a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery. The only downside is that they may not appreciate in value as much as natural diamonds, but they can be used as a great investment.

Apart from being green and real, lab-grown diamonds are not cheap. But they are often still more affordable than natural diamonds. The best part of these gems is that they are made to be more durable. So, you can wear them without worrying about their durability. These stones can last up to two million years if you take care of them properly. The quality of a lab-grown diamond jewellery can be compared to that of a natural one, which is the reason why many consumers are turning to them.

As long as people are interested in lab grown diamonds, the popularity of these gemstones will continue to grow. The first thing to do is buy an engagement ring with lab-grown diamonds. Most of these diamonds are relatively inexpensive, and this is one of the reasons they’re gaining more popularity. So, it’s best to consider buying a lab-grown diamond ring and make it the focal of the engagement.

Unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper. They have no carbon footprint and are often marketed towards teenagers and 30-year-old women. And compared to their natural counterparts, the aforementioned gemstones have more sentimental value. It’s possible that Pandora’s initial launch in the UK will be followed by a global campaign by 2022. This is a good start for the millennial generation, but there are some drawbacks as well.

As a green, ethical and sustainable alternative, lab-grown diamonds are not only more affordable, but they also have more lustre than natural diamonds. And, while they are not as perfect as a natural diamond, they are still incredibly beautiful and can be worn for many years. They’re also more eco-friendly than other diamonds and are made from the same chemical processes. In fact, there are more people buying lab-grown diamonds than any other type of jewellery in the world.

Although lab-grown diamonds don’t have the same value as natural diamonds, they do not suffer from the same time and resource consumption as natural ones. As such, they’re more affordable than most other types of jewellery. In addition to being more environmentally-friendly, these stones are more affordable. Despite the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, they still aren’t as durable as natural ones. Nonetheless, if you want to buy a lab-grown diamond ring, make sure it’s certified by a professional, and ask about its certification.

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